Army Aviation Heritage Foundation

Army Aviation Heritage Foundation

The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation tells the U.S. Army Aviation Story by hosting and participating in Aircraft and Museum Tours, School Programs, Air Shows and other public events across the country. AAHF acquires, restores and maintains historic vintage flying aircraft representing Army Aviation during Vietnam and the Cold War. Honoring the men and women who have served in the U.S. Military and Army Aviation, our “Sky Soldiers” along with dedicated volunteers conduct patriotic flying presentations, public helicopter rides, educational presentations and more.

Season 2, Episode 6

M151 Restoration

If you know anything about military equipment, especially the M151 series jeep then you have to know that most if not all of them have rusted out at some point in their life. This week Bob is in Upstate New York at one of the premier M151 body panel manufacturing facilities in the world: Cameron Manufacturing.

Cameron Manufacturing is the home and founder of the replacement panels for the popular M151 MUTT. The parts that they manufacture are as close as possible to the originals. Cameron uses the correct sheet metal gauge, match the bend radii and have purchased custom tooling for stiffener ribs and drains. Parts are manufactured from American-made materials on modern CNC Lasers and Press Brakes ensuring accurate and consistent part quality.

We’ll talk to Guy Loomis the creator and engineer behind these reproduction jeep panels will take Bob through the manufacturing process.

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