Military Collectors and The Florida MVPA Winter Rally

This week Bob is down in Florida featuring one of the largest military collectors swap meets in the country… The Florida chapter of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association is hosting this national spring kickoff event. Bob will be featuring some very unusual collectors and their personal best examples of military vehicles. Renninger’s Mt. Dora is … Continue reading “Military Collectors and The Florida MVPA Winter Rally”

M151 Restoration

If you know anything about military equipment, especially the M151 series jeep then you have to know that most if not all of them have rusted out at some point in their life. This week Bob is in Upstate New York at one of the premier M151 body panel manufacturing facilities in the world: Cameron … Continue reading “M151 Restoration”

All About GovPlanet

Bob is on the road this week visiting the GovPlanet staff! Have you ever wanted to own a piece of modern Military history? Join us as we take a look to see how GovPlanet prepares all of their Dept of Defense Surplus equipment for auctions to the general public. That’s right, THE GENERAL PUBLIC! GovPlanet … Continue reading “All About GovPlanet”

Bankhead Convoy Run

Join Bob this week as he travels to link up with the Military Vehicle Preservation Association’s 1920 vehicle convoy reenactment in Charlotte, NC. The Bankhead Run is one of oldest historical ground convoy tests in US Military History. A show you won’t want to miss! Season 1, Episode 1