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Join Bob each week as he “Moves on Out” to feature another Military Collectors destination. The only TV program in the United States that features military collectors who restore and collect vintage war era items as well as showcasing the history and passion behind the collectors of vintage Military aircraft, vehicles, uniforms, badges, and firearms.

Bob Redfern, host of Military Collectors

Our latest episode

  • Indiana Military Museum Part 2

    Part two of Bob’s trip to the Indiana Military Museum. In this episode you’ll see Jim Osborne’s famed 1831 Harpers Ferry flintlock his dad gave him when he was 8 years old that started it all. Plus, see more of this incredible collection including the rolling stock, aircraft and submarine.

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About the Host

Bob Redfern is your host into the world of military collectors and their collections.

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Military Vehicles

Learn more about some of the military vehicles featured on our show.